Stream Project a Huge Success

Just Wanted to pass on a great big thank you for all those that attended and helped with the stream bank project at Bill Westrates.

It’s Volunteer work like this that makes this club what it is and a great asset to the entire St. Joseph River Basin.

We had 16 club members and 4 Valparaiso University Students working to fill in one 100 foot coral (crib) structure, build another 75 foot structure add several sweeper logs and root balls to the stream and plant a couple hundred dogwood and willow cuttings. What we were able to in the 5 hours of work will benefit the stream, fish, insects and anglers for many years to come.

Please stop up and take a look at what we got done – and by all means take a rod with you.

If you were unable to attend this event, don’t worry as hopefully there will be more coming. If you have an idea for; or know of a possible project, please let me or the club know.


Thanks again everyone.

John T. Law
Conservation Chair, SJRVFF