Glenn R. Weisner

SJRVFF is excited to welcome Glenn Weisner as this month’s featured speaker. Glenn R. Weisner has been tying flies since a seventh grade science fair project and has honed his skills tremendously thanks in part to private lessons, workshops and personal coaching from life-long friend Chris Helm. Glenn enjoys tying most all trout flies and is recognized for his interest in Midge patterns and T

errestrials. Glenn founded Glenn River Fly Co. Ltd ( in 2000 and developed the “Fly-Kit”TM (a pattern specific fly-tying kit) to help individuals have a more enjoyable fly-tying experience. Glenn also conducts fly-tying workshops and on-stream educational fly-fishing sessions. He has several high quality fly-tying instructional DVD’s along with “Fly-Kits”TM that will be available for purchase at the meeting.

Glenn has competed in the Mustad Scandinavian International Fly Tying Competition several times, placing in the top 10 every time. Glenn has current Pro Staff arrangements with Cloudveil; Simms; Ross Reels; RIO & SA fly lines; McFarland Rod Company; “Tach-it” fly boxes; Cliff fly boxes; C&F Design fly boxes and Rite Bobbins. Glenn is most of proud of the fact that through his “Fly-Kit”TM product, high quality instructional tying DVD’s, one-on-one tying sessions, private workshops and fly-tying Demo’s at clubs & shows that he has been able to “give back” to thousands of individuals who share a similar interest in the art of fly-tying.

Tonight’s Presentation:
Terrestrials- a Power Point computer presentation which includes a nice mixture of “bug” information, fly-fishing commentary and fly patterns all focused on land born insects known as – Terrestrials – the important bug when there is no “hatch”. We cover Ants; Beetles; Crickets; Grasshoppers; Lady Bugs and Damsel & Dragon flies with fun facts and practical fishing applications for warm and cold water fish. We continue to add photos, fly patterns and fishing situations to this presentation on an annual basis. The goal is to raise your awareness of both the importance of these insects in a Trout’s diet and their productivity when used as fly patterns when you have no hatch.