Dowagiac Creek – July 23, 2011

Saturday,  July 23rd, 2011  will be another fun-filled conservation project on the Dowagiac Creek.  The fun will begin at 8:00 am (est) and end sometime early afternoon.  The plan is to continue the habitat and bank work that was started last year by continuing to filling crib structures, moving and anchoring logs, and planting stream-bank vegetation.

PLEASE try to make this event if possible.   This fishery is starting to really take shape and projects like this are the reason the club was formed and what we are all about.

Please come ready to work and get wet and dirty, meet a new future fishing buddy or two, learn a few things, eat till your full, and do something good for the stream.  If you can’t work or just want to stop up and see what the SJRVFF is all about, please feel free to stop by and just enjoy the beautiful property and chat.

The club has gloves and waders (size 9-13) and all the tools needed but you may consider wet wadding; in that case long pants and sturdy shoes are recommended to protect your legs from brush.  If you have a flatbed trailer and pickup to haul limbs and brush around, please bring it but other then that we should have everything needed.

The property is located at Bill Westrate’s property at the corner of Mckinzie and Churchhill Street just north of Cassopolis Michigan.  Directions from South Bend are attached.  (Map)

Hope to see you all there and thanks in advance.

If you have questions pleas contact John T. Law, Conservation Chair at 574-261-7534.