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Grand River Fly Tyers Donate to Tie-A-Thon

The Grand River Fly Tyers (FFF) of Grand Rapids donated 800 flies to the Tie-a-thon cause, yesterday at the Celebration of Fly Tying.

Thanks to David Clunk, Bill Kaufman, Nate Kaufman, Mark Matus, SFC Dean Crowell (ret), Matt Rocco,Walt Byington and Wolf and Ingrid Schrey, Terry Walker, Windy Ray and John Ridderbos for the donations. Check them out at

After yesterday’s event our fly total is 11,400 with 5,300 flies turned in!

Six days to go! Thanks everyone.


A place for everything and everything in its place – that’s well and good for your rods and 
reels, waders and even your socks; but what about your left over monofilament? While fishing in Montana, I came across a very simple idea that Michiana was in desperate need of – monofilament recycling tubes. These are simple PVC tubes that allow people to properly place excess monofilament instead of leaving it on the banks, in the weeds and streams that can cause injuries to wildlife as well as people.

SJRVFF conservation has implemented up to 34 monofilament recycling tubes and placeed them in fishing spots all over Michiana. St. Joseph
County Parks, Potato Creek State Park and others have embraced the idea.

We want to thank Niezgodski Plumbing of South Bend and Homan Lumber of Elkhart
Indiana and North American Pipe of Bristol for pipe, fittings, elbows and post. We need your help. We are looking for volunteers to clean out the tubes once a month or as needed. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Brandon Rasler.

This is a great excuse to get out and fish as well as help the environment. Here is a list of sites. Please collect the monofilament and we will properly recycle through Pure Fishing, the parent company of Berkley.

Loren Williams

Loren Williams currently resides with his wife Heather, daughter Mickayla, and son Ryan in Westvale, NY where he is a prominent and respected full-time fly-fishing guide and guest speaker specializing in salmon and steelhead tactics and teaching top-level trout fishing skills. You can learn more from his website Loren was born and raised in northeastern Pennsylvania, where he was the youngest of three boys.  In addition to the guiding career he so loves, Loren is a long-standing member of FlyFishing Team USA and the current head coach of the US Youth Fly-Fishing team.  Not only has this rekindled his passion for the sport, he has become a better angler and, therefore, a better teacher.

Kelly Galloup

Kelly Galloup

KELLY GALLOUP – Owner of Galloupʼs Slide Inn, Madison River Montana

Kelly has been a fly fishing guide for 27 years. He started guiding in Michigan at the age of 16. He started his fly shop The Troutsman in Traverse City, Michigan, in 1981. He continued to run The Troutsman until the spring of 2002 when he moved to Montana. He is an author and lecturer. His books are Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout (co-authored with Bob Linsenman) and Cripples and Spinners. Kelly has been published by virtually every major fly fishing magazine in the business and is Editor-at-Large for Fly Fisherman Magazine. Kelly is also one of the hosts of Fly Fish TV ( on the Outdoor Life Network.

Kevin Thomason – KVCTU

Kevin Thomason

Kevin Thomason – KVCTU

So Many Choices, So Little Time – Targeted Fishing “Out West” The immensity of Yellowstone Park and Southwest Montana alone leads to some head scratching about where to go? when? how long? big water or small water? can I wade? when’s runoff? dries, nymphs, streamers? Are they easy? We’ll take a whirlwind tour in commentary and pictures then take your questions. And…I have no commercial interest in a particular river or area so the remarks will be straight up.

Rotary Fly Tying Techniques By: Al & Gretchen Beatty

Whether they use one or not, most tiers do not understand the full potential of a rotary vise–including many of the leading fly tiers in the industry. Most tiers are still just using them to see the bottom of the flies they are tying, but their uses and advantages go far beyond this. Now with this book, the Beattys share their decades of experience and knowledge to unlock the mystery behind this type of vise and you won’t believe what you have been missing. Rotary Fly-Tying Techniques main objectives are to explore a sampling of true rotary vises currently available on the market, guide tiers through the sometimes frustrating adjustments needed to use their rotary vise to the fullest, share tying tips and tricks for quickly tying effective flies, and tie 36 flies–for fresh and saltwater species–with clear instructions and step-by-step photography. There is no other book that explains everything you need to know about rotary vises and their many advantages, you will be amazed at how a rotary vise will improve your fly-tying.

Fly Tying: 30 Years of Tips and Tricks and Patterns By: Joe Healy and Ted Leeson

Readers will discover the most effective, most original, and most historic flies published in the 30-year history of Fly Rod & Reel magazine. The book is filled with fly-tying tips and fly-pattern designs straight from Fly Rod & Reel, contributors such as Darrel Martin, A.K. Best, Ted Leeson and many others; all make this a must-have or perfect gift for a fly tier of any skill level.