Since he was quite young, Kevin has fished West Michigan streams. In his early 20’s he began guiding as an alternative to graduate school. Now 17 years later, he has never looked back. Kevin’s passion is swinging flies for Midwestern steelhead, but he loves to fly fish for any predator that swims. He now resides in Newaygo, Michigan, guiding 180-200 days per year on the Muskegon River System (and fishing whenever he can). His flies have been published in books, magazines, and online and he has written articles for international, national, and regional fly fishing magazines. He is featured in a handful of DVDs and has authored current DVDs for steelhead and smallmouth bass.

Kevin Feenstra

Kevin Feenstra

In addition to fly fishing, Kevin has developed a real passion for outdoor photography. Through photography he hopes to capture the special character of Midwest fish, rivers, and wildlife.

Kevin has been with us before talking about fishing the Muskegon but this time he will share his passion for photography with us through a presentation titled “Fish, Wildlife, and Scenery of one of Michigan’s Great Rivers.” This will be a photo and video based program that focuses on the ecology of the river.


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