SJRVFF Welcomes Andrew Carlson

Andrew Carlson spent his fondest days as a child fishing streams for brook trout and smallmouth bass with his father, cultivating a fascination for the aquatic world that inspired dreams of professional research and conservation. He graduated from the University of Minnesota (B.S., Conservation Biology, Fisheries & Wildlife) and South Dakota State University (M.S., Natural Resource Management, Fisheries Science) before beginning his current Ph.D. studies under Dr. William W. Taylor at Michigan State University. Andrew is researching effects of global change (e.g., climate change, land use alteration, groundwater withdrawal) on stream ecosystems in Michigan with emphasis on those that contain brook trout, brown trout, and/or rainbow trout. He is also working with the Michigan DNR to develop a statewide management plan for inland salmonid populations and accompanying inland trout angler survey. Andrew greatly appreciates the opportunity share his research with you tonight.

We need a good head count for dinner planning for our group. They charge us if we tell them too few so get your name in or you might go hungry! RSVP by emailing Don this month at or call and leave a message at 574-286-0157. Please respond by 9:00 pm on Friday, September 11.

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