A place for everything and everything in its place – that’s well and good for your rods and 
reels, waders and even your socks; but what about your left over monofilament? While fishing in Montana, I came across a very simple idea that Michiana was in desperate need of – monofilament recycling tubes. These are simple PVC tubes that allow people to properly place excess monofilament instead of leaving it on the banks, in the weeds and streams that can cause injuries to wildlife as well as people.

SJRVFF conservation has implemented up to 34 monofilament recycling tubes and placeed them in fishing spots all over Michiana. St. Joseph
County Parks, Potato Creek State Park and others have embraced the idea.

We want to thank Niezgodski Plumbing of South Bend and Homan Lumber of Elkhart
Indiana and North American Pipe of Bristol for pipe, fittings, elbows and post. We need your help. We are looking for volunteers to clean out the tubes once a month or as needed. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Brandon Rasler.

This is a great excuse to get out and fish as well as help the environment. Here is a list of sites. Please collect the monofilament and we will properly recycle through Pure Fishing, the parent company of Berkley.

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