September 12, 2011


Our December meeting is dedicated to honoring the service of our own members. We take time to present the following awards to the members of our club that have gone above and beyond in their service to SJRVFF. Please feel free to nominate any of your fellow SJRVFF members for any of these awards.

Fly Tier of the Year — This award goes to the person who shows exemplary skill, dedication and or service to the art of fly tying. This award goes to the very best of the best in our club and in fly tying. This is a traveling award, given to the winner each year to keep in their possession for that year. Upon the next year’s winner it is passed forward with a name plate added for the previous year’s winner. Once the award is full of name plates it will be given to the member whose name is on it the most times.

Fly Fisher of the Year – This award goes to an up and coming fly fisher who has shown growth in the sport and in the club. They are enthusiastic about fly fishing, lend a hand with the club and pass along what they know about the sport. The winner receives a SJRVFF plaque.

Harry Hustle “Todd Ezzell” Award – This award is given to the person who has shown great commitment to the club and goes above and beyond for the betterment of the club and its members. You will see this person volunteering and working hard at work projects, events and meetings. This award was named after Todd Ezzell after he earned the award several years and continues to set the bar high for all future members. The winner is presented an engraved beer mug.

Oakie Drifter – The winner of the Oakie Drifter award has proved to the SJRVFF members in good standing his or her ability to show their more creative, comical and outlandish side to fly fishing. Past recipients have shown their ability to break several rods on one day or unknowingly performed breaking-and-entering into cabins similar to where other club members are staying. They have shown the ability to forget dates when purchasing license in Federal Parks, thus being without proper paperwork when the game warden arrives. They have also displayed the talent of hooking themselves in the neck with salmon flies or forgotten to put in the drain plug on their McKenzie drift boat. Get the idea? So let’s hear your best story of your fishing buddy – remember it is just a fishing club, take and give it in the best humor. A humorous award fitting the winner is presented.

Life Time Membership – This is the highest honor given by SJRVFF. This award is given to those very few members who have made a significant contribution to the improvement of SJRVFF. This award is not given each year and is only given to a member who has shown a significant body of work and a long term commitment to the club. The club will present the winner a gold dry fly Wheatley Dry Fly Box engraved with their name and a reprieve from dues for the rest of their life.

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