Chubby Sculpin – Greg Sautter

Chubby Sculpin

Chubby Sculpin
This fly was designed to imitate the chubs and other small baitfish that we have on our local streams/rivers.  I have tied in it three color combinations:  1)  brown to imitate the color of chubs and sculpins, 2)  olive to imitate sculpins and other small baitfish, 3) silver to imitate baitfish.  I like the action that the sculpin heads create in the fly, giving them a nice rising and diving action during the retrieve.  I have had success catching multiple species with this fly including trout, bass and panfish



Hook: Size 6 4xl

Tail: barred marabou to match color scheme of the fly

Body:  dubbing brush

Head:  Two stack of senyo lazer yarn to match color scheme of the fly

Head :  small-medium, or medium fish skull to match color scheme of the fly