Sparrow Nymph – Eric Wroblewski

Sparrow Nymph

 This is one of my favorite steelhead patterns, the Sparrow Nymph, which was originated by Jack Gartside many years ago. I think that the reason it works so well for me is that Wroblewski in Polish means Sparrow, but hopefully it will work wonders for you as well. It is an easy fly to tie, and uses very few materials.

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Hook: Tiemco 3761 Size 8
Thread: 6/0 or 70 Den. color to match body of fly
Tail: Marabou fibers from the base of a Pheasant rump  feather
Weight: About 20 wraps of .015 lead wire or substitute
Body: Ice Dubbing
Hackle: Pheasant rump hackle
Collar: Pheasant after shaft feather

Step 1 : Tie in thread just behind eye of hook. Lay a 4 inch piece of .015 lead wire on top of the hook shank, wrap thread over wire back to the hook barb, and then back to the tie in point. Wrap wire up to tie in point , cut wire, and wrap thread over wire back to the hook barb.
Step 2 : Cut a clump of marabou fibers from the base of Pheasant rump feather and tie in at the bend of hook. Tail should be about 1/3 length of hook shank.
Step 3 : Apply dubbing to thread and wrap forward to cover lead wire while building a tapered body at the front
Step 4 : Tie in the already used Pheasant rump feather by the tip, make 2 wraps, tie off and cut stem. The hackle fibers should extend at least to base of tail, but no longer than the tip of the tail.
Step 5 : Tie in a  pheasant after shaft feather, and wrap as a collar in front of the hackle. Clip feather, build the head, and whip finish.

I prefer Ice Dubbing for the body. Favorite colors for steelhead in order are Chartreuse, Caddis Green, Peacock Black, Orange, Purple, Olive, Black, Hot Yellow, Brown, and Rust. Use dyed Pheasant rumps to match or contrast body color.

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