Foam Beetle – Eric Wroblewski

Foam Beetle

I have had real good luck the past several years with black, brown, tan,  and  especially green beetles. I usually don’t start using them until the dog days of August but I think that I will start using them earlier in the season this year. I am also going to tie this pattern in a larger size to imitate the larger “June Bug” beetles that appear in the beginning of the summer in the evenings and see if the trout favor them as well.

(Click on photo to see a full size photo)

Hook: TMC 100 #14 
Shellback: 1.5 or 2mm foam cut with a River Road Creations Beetle  body cutter size 16
Body: Peacock Black Ice Dub for black and green beetles. Brown Ice Dub for brown and tan beetles
Legs: Black Bug Legz or rubber legs
Indicator: Pink or orange glo-bug yarn

As you can see I use a #16 cutter for the foam shellback for a size 14 hook. I have found that River Road cutters go 1 size larger on the hook size for the cutter size (Tiemco hooks). This even applies to their caddis wing cutters. I buy my 2mm foam at Hobby Lobby. They carry a wide selection of colors and the large sheets cost only 99 cents each.
This is a very easy tie and you should carry them in black, brown, tan, and green. I use a couple of different shades of green and I have found that the trout of Dowagaic Creek really like the lime green beetles for some reason – whatever works!

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